• Serving one another

  • Training Christians to make disciples

  • Bringing Jesus to people

  • Connecting in true community

  • Engaging in expressive worship


  • Enhancing everyone's God-given potential

  • Expecting excellence in what we do 

  • Empowering people with new ideas

  • Exalting God for everything he does

  • Excelling in doing what matters

  • Embracing unyielding integrity

  • Envisioning and pursuing big kingdom dreams




Mark Carroll | Lead Pastor

Mark arrived at Parkland in March of 2016, along with his wife, Stephanie, and their kids Theo, Gavin, and Amelia. Born and raised in Metro Vancouver, Mark has been involved in ministry leadership at various levels for 20 years. He holds a BA from Prairie Bible College and a Master of Theological Studies from Northwest Baptist Seminary.

Mark has a deep and unabashed affection for a good spreadsheet and an equally deep love for a good cup of coffee. While he knows this elevates him into the realm of snobbery, he prefers to roast his own coffee beans.

Craig Murphy | Pastoral Apprentice 

Craig oversees Group Ministries, our Communication and Media, and all Volunteer Coordination (People Operations), as well as functioning as the pastoral apprentice. After four years of undergraduate studies (Pastoral Leadership) at Pacific Life Bible College, Craig is now completing a Masters Degree in Divinity (MDiv) at Northwest Baptist Seminary. He and his wife love camping, hiking, triathlons, and any form of exercising.

Craig would also like to note he enjoys teasing people who roast their own coffee beans.


Talitha Duyzer | Office Administration

Talitha loves writing to-do lists and tackling projects of all kinds, and seeks her fame as a critically acclaimed multi-tasker. With a BA in English and Visual Arts, Talitha appreciates all things creative. She keeps active with her busy family, but in a free moment you might find Talitha reading, painting, or out for a run. Talitha can be sweet talked with a caramel macchiato and a slice of lemon loaf - she is admittedly more of a sugar addict than a true coffee snob! 

Esther Mathews | Freedom Session

Esther was born in Vancouver and moved to Surrey when she was 6. With the exception of the first year she was married, she has lived in Surrey ever since. She and Richard have been married for 39 years, and have 3 grown and married children with 3 bubbly, curious, and adorable grandbabies.

She's had the privilege of being part of Freedom Session since it began in 2001, and has been at Parkland since 2013, offering others the same hope and healing power of Jesus Christ that has transformed and challenged her in so many ways. "Hearing their transformation stories at grad never grows old!"

Esther loves a cup of good coffee and conversations with family and friends.

Stephanie Carroll | Park Kids/Creative Services

Stephanie is filling in as the Park Kids coordinator and is lending her services to Parkland's creative arts team. She loves to explore, discover, and help others find their inner sparks of faith and creativity. Stephanie keeps her own spark burning bright in her career as a freelance writer and editor. With these things on the go and three kids of her own, life is very full--but Stephanie often takes time to enjoy a good cup of tea because she knows that, although coffee may be the generic drink of the masses, those with refined and superior tastes will always choose tea.