Two Special Sundays!

Get ready for a hot take: it's easy to find a Starbucks in the Lower Mainland. Wait, I'm going somewhere with this, I promise. One of the worst feelings in the world is planning to meet up with someone at a particular Starbucks location, only to find that they were thinking about the other location down the road, and now you're both feeling a bit awkward. I want to help you avoid that unpleasant outcome when you come to Parkland the next two Sundays, so read on to learn more about what's happening.

From early on in Parkland's life, we ran a softball league, and at the end of every season, we'd do something called Softball Sunday. This year, we passed the torch of the softball league over to our friends at Redemption Community Baptist, and they've done an amazing job with it. This week is the season-ending tournament--Softball Sunday. And in recognition of our long association with softball, and in support of our sister church, we're going to join up with Redemption and celebrate another successful softball season together. So, this Sunday's service will be held at the lower ball field at North Surrey Community Park. That park is tucked behind North Surrey Secondary School, kitty-corner from Parkland. The service starts at the usual time (10am), and afterwards our crew will be cooking up a hot dog lunch. You'll also have the chance to cheer on the afternoon games and see who will be crowned league champion for 2018. It'll be lots of fun. Here are a couple of logistical notes for you: 1. Parking. The parking lot near the field is pretty small, so let's save those spots for people who have mobility issues. Everyone else, please use Parkland's parking lot (that's a lot of "park" in a short period of time) and walk over. 2. Seating. Please bring your own seating, whether that's a snazzy camp chair or a simple blanket. 3. Kids. We're going to have activity packs for the kids, but it's a park, so your kids might want to bring some activities of their own. And don't worry if they're running around during the service (just be sure to keep an eye on them). You may not be the kind of person who relishes the idea of an outdoor service. I understand that, because the truth is that I don't love outdoor services either. But that's not what this is about. This is about us showing our love and affection for the ministry that softball has been and continues to be, and our love and affection for the folks at Redemption who are taking the torch and continuing the legacy that Parkland began. I'm looking forward to Sunday, and I hope that you are too. See you there.

This year, Canada Day falls on a Sunday, so we're going to celebrate with a Canada Day Pancake Breakfast (and celebration of Canadian stereotypes). The breakfast part will go from 8:30-10:00, and we're planning to have other exciting activities like street hockey in our parking lot. We'll have our worship service at 10:00 as usual, but my sermon topic is going to's going to be unique. Here's how you can help us do a great job. 1. Fill a specific role:

  • Setup (7:30): 2-3 more people.

  • Parking Lot Attendant (8:00): 2-3 people.

  • Cooking Crew (7:30): 1-2 more people.

  • Take Down (10:00): 3-4 people.

2. Bring supplies:

  • Pancake mix (Krusteaz from Costco).

  • Syrup.

  • Fruit platters.

  • 4-post tents (1 or 2 more).

  • Street hockey sticks, balls, and nets.

  • Bubbles (for the bubble machine).

  • Street chalk.

3. Spread the word:

  • Grab some flyers (we'll have them this Sunday) and hand them out to your friends and neighbours.

  • Share our post on Facebook when we put it up.

  • Talk it up with neighbours, co-workers, friends, relatives, acquaintances, store clerks, hair stylists, dog groomers, restaurant servers--you get the idea.

4. Come and have fun! Even if you can't sign up for a specific role or bring a specific supply, you're part of the day. So, pitch in. Help where you see the need. Eat lots of pancakes! Smile, so that people know that it's not boring to hang out with people who love Jesus. You get the idea. Please send an email to Candle ( if you can help with #1 or #2. We'll also have sign-up sheets available this Sunday.

A Final Word

I'm excited about these next two Sundays, and I hope you are, too. I also want to remind you that we meet to worship God and pray together on Thursday nights from 7-8, and, for the month of June, we're praying specifically for God's direction with respect to what we need to do together to bring about God's bright kingdom future at Parkland. See you there!

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