Putting the "park" back in "Parkland"

It all started a few months ago when we redesigned the foyer and sanctuary at the church. Things took on an organic vibe with wood boards and darker brown tones. It made things more modern while also harkening back to the roots of Parkland, which usually incorporated a nature theme of trees and whatnot. And what's in a name? Well, a whole lot is. That is why we're using our full name of Parkland Fellowship Baptist Church. When we had a special prayer time with Cyndy Lavoie a few months ago, we prayed for our church under its full name and that carried weight. It is who we are and always have been. And now we're rolling out the next phase of this reclaiming and yet stepping forward at the same time. So not only has our logo and newsletter evolved, but now our website has too. A couple of things to note on the website: we're continuing to use natural colour tones and a wood design (like in our church building), even though most websites are currently doing a stark black and white look. Also, Talitha is not listed on the staff page because of privacy concerns, but she is still very much on the team as our office manager. Phew! Realistically websites are always a bit of a work in progress--but the real test will be if it generally resonates with us a church. If we connect with what we're putting out into the world and together agree that this is a fair representation of Parkland Fellowship Baptist Church. And ultimately the only thing of significance that should fully represent us is how we are reflecting and pointing others to Jesus Christ. For those that didn't hear about it at the AGM, the tree in our new logo is exactly for that purpose. The tree is made up of three triangles--for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And the triangles all point upwards, just as our focus as a church is aimed upward at our amazing Lord and Saviour.

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