The Best Day of the Year

This piece of news likely won't surprise you, but this weekend is Easter. It's the most important and best day of the entire year. Without this one weekend, none of the other weekends would make any sense at all. It's also the day when people who don't usually go to church are the most likely to say yes to an invitation. I think that's really exciting. So I'm going to ask you to be bold this week and invite someone to come to church with you this Sunday as we celebrate together. And when I say "celebrate," I don't mean it metaphorically. The story of Easter is the greatest story in human history. It's the best of all the good news. It's literally the only reason we exist as a church. That being true, let me ask you to do one other thing: come to church ready to rejoice! Yes, we're good Baptists and polite Canadians, and we're not used to being overtly exuberant--but this is about the attitude of our hearts. And hey, if our heart attitude leads to dancing in the aisles, I'm not going to complain (although you may not want me to join in because nobody needs to see that). One more thing to ask since I'm on a roll. I'm trying to find a drummer who can join us this weekend. I've shaken a few trees and rattled a few cages, and I'm coming up empty in my search. But I have a feeling that somebody reading this email knows somebody who plays the drums, and who would be happy to lend a hand (actually, both hands and both feet) for a one-time engagement. I can't wait to see you at one of our services this weekend: Good Friday at 10:00, and Easter Sunday at 10:00. Jesus is risen! And that's the best news of all. May you experience that blessing this weekend in a powerful way, and may that experience lead to great things for his kingdom.

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