We're back!

It’s been an eventful month at Parkland (honestly, they all feel like eventful months). We’ve had a staffing transition, welcoming Candle Dyck to the team in the area of People Operations. “What’s People Operations?” you may ask. Good question. And you’re the answer. You’re the people! Wait, you’re the person. But you’re part of the people. Why is syntax so hard? Anyway, the idea here is simple: our job as a church is to equip you to fulfill the discipleship mandate that Jesus has given you, which is to love God, join in, and lead others.

You’re on a discipleship journey, and we have the privilege of stewarding that journey. People Operations helps us do exactly that. Right now, our priority is to make sure we know who you are, so we’re working on building a reliable database. But information isn’t the point: transformation is. And as we move through 2018, we’re going to refine the discipleship pathway and invite you to walk it in a purposeful way. We’re also working to build our bench strength in a few key areas, and I want you to consider if the Spirit has equipped you for these areas. First, we’re going to assemble a facilities team to help us make wise decisions about questions of upkeep and maintenance, and to help us stay on top of the little but important tasks that need to be done, like mowing the lawn, replacing light bulbs, and all that stuff. Second, we’re going to assemble an events team to make sure we can continue to pull off events like our Fall Festival and Christmas Celebration. To be clear, we already have people helping to pull off events, but we need to identify a specific team so that we can set them loose to be as creative as they can be. In addition to those two areas, we want to keep building our bench strength for our ongoing weekly ministries, like PARK KiDS and our worship and production teams. I’m excited to have you along for the ride this year as we work together to see God’s bright kingdom future come into being here at Parkland. One last thing. Our weekly prayer nights have started back up on Thursdays from 7-8, and I’m going to keep inviting you to come out and join us. And if you have a negative perception of what a prayer night is, I would just invite you to come and test that perception, because it might not be correct. Anyway, that’s all for this week. Remember, we’re praying tonight at 7:00, and we gather for worship and lunch on Sunday starting at 10.

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