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Mark's Minute - Apr 20

In its history, Parkland has never been the church that feels like it has to do what all the other churches do just because they’re doing it. And we’re about to break open the box again. Here’s how.

Mark's Minute - Apr 13

In an episode of The Crown (on Netflix, if you’re unaware), a character explains the protocol for seating at state dinners. Turns out where you sit matters. And not just at Buckingham Palace either.


Mark's Minute - Apr 06

Every year, millions of Christians prepare for Easter by observing Lent. I’m not one of those people. And it may not be for the reason you think.


Mark's Minute - Mar 30

I love preaching through books of the Bible, mostly because I know exactly what I’m preaching on week to week. But sometimes this approach presents interesting challenges, and I found one this week. 

Mark's Minute - Mar 23

A while back, I talked about word combinations that produced emotional reactions. Here’s one that makes me want to crawl into a hole: spring cleaning. Where am I going with this? Click through to see.

Mark's Minute - Mar 16

When you were a kid, how comfortable were you interacting with adults? If you were comfortable doing that, it turns out that you’re in good company because so was Jesus. Click through to read more…

Mark's Minute - Mar 9

What can a trip to Disneyland teach you about the church? More than you might think. And the lesson came from none other than my five-year-old daughter. Click through to find out more.


Membership Orientation - Mar 2

What is membership? Why should I do it? Is it Biblical? What food will you be serving? These are all great questions! Let's answer some of them.

Mark's Minute - Feb 23

Every so often, you have to pull your head out of the weeds long enough to remind yourself of the big picture. I’ve had the chance to do that this week, and I’d like to share some reflections today. Read on...

Mark's minute - Feb 16

There are certain two-word combinations that make me really excited. Here are some examples: free food; Star Wars; wedding anniversary. Want to know where I’m going with this? Click through to find out.

Mark's minute - Feb 9

“When is this going to stop?” I asked myself that question several times this last week. The truth is it’s hard to see the end of something when you’re in the middle of it. Click through to read more...

Mark's minute - Feb 2

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you’re pretty sure God is asking you to do something and then it doesn’t go the way you thought it would? Click through to hear my story…

Mark's minute - Jan 26

Would you consider yourself to be a rational person? Economists define “rational” as acting in our own self-interest, and if that’s the case, then we’re all pretty irrational. Why are we like that? Read on...

Mark's minute - Jan 19

Oh, wow, you clicked through. That’s great! I’ll admit that calling this section “Mark’s Minute” is optimistic, but it gets the idea across. This is the space where I get to share something I’m thinking about each week in a concise and (hopefully) entertaining way. Read on...