Mark's Minute

May 04 2017

I know you’ve been eagerly anticipating the continuation of the “Sundays are Changing” blog series. Well, wait no more, friends! Part three is here…


In parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, we looked at the what and why questions for the changes we’re making to our service format. Today I’m going to use a word that I don’t use very much: wherefore.

I’ll wait while you quote Romeo and Juliet to your computer screen…

And we’re back. You might not be familiar with the word “wherefore” because we usually just ask “why?” But I want to use “wherefore” to ask about implications. 

Two weeks ago, I addressed the “why” question in this space, and I said that we’re doing what we’re doing so that we can build a sense of gospel community because the journey of Christian discipleship is intended to be undertaken in the context of community. We grow together—that’s the way God has set it up to work.

God is glorified through our worshipful obedience to pursue that journey on the terms he prescribes. But that’s not the end of the story. Our act of worshipful obedience allows us to see God’s glory, which inspires us to further worshipful obedience, which reveals more of his glory, and so on.

My hope is that these lunch gatherings are the start of some new and amazing things at Parkland, but I don’t know what those things may be because they live in your heart. They’re part of your call. They utilize your gifts.

It could be that you’ve had this idea in your mind for a while now, but you’ve been too worried to talk about it because maybe it’s a bit crazy and you’re not sure what people will think. Maybe you’ve been feeling the prompting of the Holy Spirit pushing you toward a particular project at the church. Maybe you’ve come to Parkland and thought, “I wonder if anyone has noticed this?” (Answer: maybe yes, but maybe God is showing it to you so that you’ll do something about it.)

I want you to know that this is already happening in various corners at Parkland. There are people who have some pretty great ideas about how we can move the mission of the gospel forward, and we’re working to help bring shape to those ideas. The Holy Spirit is already moving in the hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters in Christ at Parkland.

Friends, I think we’re at the moment right before the first kernel of corn pops. You know that moment. The bag has been in the microwave for a while (or the aluminum plate has been on the element, or the corn has been swishing around the air popper—you can pick your preferred method), it’s all puffed up with air, and you know that you’ll hear the first pop mere seconds from now.

And once the popping starts, things get a bit crazy. Suddenly everything’s happening at once and you can’t distinguish the sounds of individual pops from the overall noise of a delicious buttery snack coming to fruition.

I’ll wait while you go make some popcorn…

And we’re back. I believe that we’re in that moment right before the popping begins. But unlike the popcorn, we’re not going to take the bag out of the microwave once it starts.

Do you believe that, too? Do you believe that God is about to show us his might? Do you believe that he’s been patiently at work among us, preparing us for his bright kingdom future?

If you do, then let’s reach out and take hold of what he has for us. Let’s commit to worshipful obedience, even when it stretches us, and know that God will surely show his power in our midst when we trust him enough to take action.

That’s the wherefore. It’s about more than just lunch and conversation: it’s about the might and power of God being shown among us.

And I can’t wait for the popping to start.

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