Mark's Minute

Jan 19, 2017


Oh, wow, you clicked through. That’s great! I’ll admit that calling this section “Mark’s Minute” is optimistic, but it gets the idea across. This is the space where I get to share something I’m thinking about each week in a concise and (hopefully) entertaining way. 

Sometimes it’ll be related to sermon research, sometimes it’ll be other ideas that I’ve been thinking about, but each time I hope I give you something to ponder. Preferably while stroking your chin, because that’s the widely recognized posture of deep thought.


This week I want to talk about our new series in Luke’s gospel starting this week called, “The Hero, The Rescue, The Revolution.” Preaching through a long book like Luke may seem intimidating, but the Sundays are going to come anyway, so why not bite off a big project?

As Christians, our job is to become more like Jesus, first in our thoughts and attitudes, and second in our words and deeds. And the best way to know how to be like Jesus is to study Jesus.

Studying Luke’s gospel also provides a great entry point to the Christian faith for people who don’t yet know Jesus, and that’s a pretty exciting opportunity. Some of the people in your life don’t know Jesus, and it could be that you’ve been trying to figure out how to approach the topic of faith with them.

But let’s not overthink that problem. You don’t need to be a brilliant evangelist to practice evangelism because it’s a simple as giving an invitation for someone to come and see. So why not do that this week?

Coming to church won’t magically make someone a Christian, but when they come I promise that they’ll hear the truth of the gospel of Jesus. And truth opens up a pathway for the Holy Spirit to do his work in their lives, and in ours.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday as we begin this journey.