Mark's Minute 

November 30, 2017

This week on the blog, I have an invitation for you to get involved in our newest sermon series. I hope you’ll take me up on it.

If you were at Parkland last Sunday, you know that we started a new sermon series called “Not So Picture Perfect.” In this series, we’re looking at the dysfunctional people in Jesus’ family tree (as recorded in Matthew 1) and showing that God can make something beautiful out of our lives, no matter how badly we mess up.

We started off looking at a man named Jehoiakim, who was a king over the nation of Judah just before they were taken into exile by the Babylonian army. We saw how Jehoiakim’s arrogance and desire to be a big shot doomed an entire nation. They thought it was the end, but it wasn’t. God’s plan still came to fruition.

This week, Craig is looking at another member of that family, and you’ll have to come on Sunday to find out who. Then we have two weeks where we need to figure out who to focus on, and to be honest I’m not sure who to pick.

There are so many names in Jesus’ family tree that have amazing stories attached. Some of those names may be familiar to you, but many of them aren’t. Each of them was a person, just like you and me, with lives marked by both victory and failure, and we can learn a lot from any of those names. 

So, here’s my first challenge to you: take a few minutes in the next couple of days to read the first 16 verses of Matthew 1 and think about who you’d like to know more about. Are there particular people whose stories you think are worth telling? Are there people who you don’t know at all and would like to know more about?

Then send your suggestions to I can’t guarantee that we’ll do a whole sermon on that person, but if you send a name in I’ll do my best to do a mini-investigation on this blog.

There’s one other thing I’d like to ask, and this one will take a bit more courage. Last week I talked about the Christmas family photo that usually accompanies the annual Christmas letter, and I think it would be awesome to see some of yours. Would you be willing to send in your favourite Christmas family photo? You can define “favourite” however you like—maybe it’s a really good photo; maybe it’s an embarrassing photo; maybe it’s a photo that has a particular story attached to it.

There are only two caveats here: the photo has to be of your family and you have to be in it, and you have to be willing to have it shown on the screen before the service each Sunday through December 31.

So, will you help? I hope so, and I can’t wait to hear from you. See you Sunday.

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