Craig's Minute 

July 27 2017

Have you ever brought someone to church? Did they receive it the way you expected? Do you have a friend that seems like a Christian, but you also see what they do on Friday nights, and you aren't so sure? Maybe that's you? Keep reading to find out what's coming your way.

When I was a kid in high school I brought one of my friends to church. I was so nervous. She had been a close friend and we shared a lot of similar struggles in life and I knew how much I appreciated church, so I thought she would too. 

My mom picks her up and drives both of us. Once we arrive we go up and sit in the balcony, we don't want to be with my parents, obviously. I still remember the song choice to this day. We played an older hymn that I hadn't heard in my entire 10 years of going to that church. I don't recall the name of it, but I can't ever forget the antagonising chorus: "Do you accept Jesus Christ? Do you accept him as your Lord? Today is the day, today is the day." 

To make matters worse, it repeated about 8 times each time we played the chorus, which was 4 times in the song! I felt so embarrassed. I even remember leaning over to her and saying, "I have no idea why we're playing songs like this, we never sing songs like this." My first church-invite was becoming an embarrassing nightmare. 

She turned to me with a smile and said, "It's okay, I think I really needed to hear this" and with a small tear running down her cheek, she began to sing along! She wanted to come back next week, and even asked for a Bible and began to call herself a Christian. "Oh man," I thought to myself "I don't know what went right... But something worked! Maybe that song was what she needed to hear."

Fast forward a couple years. Her parents got divorced, she had a bad breakup and some of her close friends turned on her over it. She stopped coming to church. She stopped talking about God or praying or telling me about her spiritual life. She doesn't call herself a Christian anymore. It was as if it never happened. 

Why do people do this? How does the Bible deal with these situations? And what are we supposed to do? 

This week we're going to be dealing with these questions and situations, and finding out what they mean for our community, for our loved ones, and for ourselves. 

See you Sunday.