Membership Orientation

What is church membership? Why should I do it? What kind of food will be served? These are all good questions

What kind of food will be served?
Let's get the easy one out of the way first: what's on the menu? Depending on turnout we will be either ordering in (most likely pizza or Chinese) or going to McDonalds for customised, hand-served, gourmet entrees. 

What is church membership?
Church membership is a formal process of accepting a person into the official community within a local church. This doesn't mean you aren't part of community if you aren't a member - it just means you take on a formalised position within the church. It also fulfils legal requirements set out by the Canadian government. 

Is it Biblical?
Yes! We at Parkland believe very strongly that becoming a member of the local church is a profound, important element of our Christian faith. It allows us to become more involved and give more input on the workings of our church, our community, and the direction we move forward! 

For more reading on this, check out:

Why should I do it?
This is a great question! There are many reasons why becoming a member is important, but here are two: 

1. It is spiritually important and significant. Becoming a member will allow you to experience community, love, and mission in a way that is much deeper and profound. 

2. It empowers you to give input into the church. What I mean by this is that a member is afforded special rights to have their voice heard in a way someone who isn't a member doesn't. This doesn't mean non-members don't have rights, just that members are given the opportunity to speak into things in a way non-members can't. (For example, members can vote on issues during meetings.)

All of these questions (and more) will be answered in more detail during our membership orientation! 

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