O Canada!

Last week, I told you about Parkland's Canada Day Pancake Breakfast (and celebration of Canadian stereotypes), and we're excited about it! If you haven't told your friends about it yet, you should. We'll have breakfast ready at 8:30, and we'll be serving pancakes until (a) we run out of batter, (b) nobody wants more pancakes, or (c) it's 10:00 and the service is going to start. Speaking of the service itself, it's going to be great. Because everyone's in a good mood after eating pancakes, right? And I'm going to preach on a topic that is probably high on your list of things you never thought you'd hear at church. This Sunday isn't a time for those of us who attend Parkland regularly

Two Special Sundays!

Get ready for a hot take: it's easy to find a Starbucks in the Lower Mainland. Wait, I'm going somewhere with this, I promise. One of the worst feelings in the world is planning to meet up with someone at a particular Starbucks location, only to find that they were thinking about the other location down the road, and now you're both feeling a bit awkward. I want to help you avoid that unpleasant outcome when you come to Parkland the next two Sundays, so read on to learn more about what's happening. From early on in Parkland's life, we ran a softball league, and at the end of every season, we'd do something called Softball Sunday. This year, we passed the torch of the softball league ov

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