Why I love business meetings

Last year around this time, I gave an impassioned defence of the church business meeting as we approached our Annual General Meeting. It was pretty convincing. Right? Uh, hello? Is this thing on...? I like to think that I'm more than a one-trick pony. In fact, I see myself as a well-rounded pony. A renaissance pony, if you will. Funny how self-perception can be so incorrect. Instead of trying to be clever and providing a new angle to the "here's why you should prioritize the AGM" post, I'm just going to speak to you from my heart again this year, even though what I'm saying hasn't really changed. And that's not a bad thing. As Baptists, our tradition is strong on the autonomous local con

A PARK KiDS update

A couple of Sundays ago, we premiered the PARK KiDS Sr. Lego movie that’s based on Psalm 139. It is amazing! If you haven’t seen it or want to see it again, check it out on our Parkland Facebook page. God is doing great things in PARK KiDS. Over the past few months, we have seen new children join the mix and multiply the friendships that seem to form almost immediately. After only a couple of Sundays at Parkland, Mackenzie (4 years) went home and built a Lego creation of her own. She made a Parkland replica complete with me sitting at the check-in computer, a food table out in the sanctuary, and Mark preaching to an assorted bunch—including The Joker. Isn't that the best thing you've se

We're back!

It’s been an eventful month at Parkland (honestly, they all feel like eventful months). We’ve had a staffing transition, welcoming Candle Dyck to the team in the area of People Operations. “What’s People Operations?” you may ask. Good question. And you’re the answer. You’re the people! Wait, you’re the person. But you’re part of the people. Why is syntax so hard? Anyway, the idea here is simple: our job as a church is to equip you to fulfill the discipleship mandate that Jesus has given you, which is to love God, join in, and lead others. You’re on a discipleship journey, and we have the privilege of stewarding that journey. People Operations helps us do exactly that. Right now, our pri

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