This is us.

How we
got here

Parkland Fellowship Baptist Church was planted in 1990 from Newton Fellowship Baptist Church. We are part of Fellowship Pacific, a group of Baptist churches in BC and Yukon.

In 2013, Parkland planted Redemption Community Baptist Church. 

We are currently a small-ish, but MIGHTY, collection of varied people from all walks of life at every stage of the journey.

We are far from perfect, but we strive to be authentic disciples of our perfect Lord and Saviour.

What we

We believe in the usual Baptist things. That the Bible is the true Word of God; the Trinity includes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Satan is real and causes all sorts of trouble; but Jesus defeated Satan, death, and sin when he died on the cross and came back to life (let that sink in) and he's coming back again!

We believe that it is God's plan to bring his children together in community and worship. 

We also believe that, as a child of God whom he loves very much, you have a place at Parkland Fellowship Baptist Church.

Who we are

We are constantly striving to deepen our relationship with God. We know this requires everything we've got. We set aside time each week to worship together, study together, laugh together, and sometimes cry together. Leveraging this GROUP STRENGTH is a core value of ours. 

We also value COURAGEOUS DISCERNMENT as we seek God's will, CREATIVE PERMISSION as we try new things, and IMPERFECT EXCELLENCE as we do it all for God's glory while giving ourselves grace.

We are on a life-long mission of faith, hope, and love.

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